Real-Time Location System

Ambient sensing

Passively worn Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors

We leverage inexpensive and easily worn Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors to power our real-time location software. These sensors are available in multiple form factors and have a long battery life, allowing for use in outpatient clinics, operating rooms, inpatient areas, home care, and equipment tracking.

Easy to install gateway sensors

Our easy to install RTLS gateways transmit Bluetooth signals to our secure cloud. These gateways are compatible with enterprise WiFi networks, and do not require additional wiring. Quickly install an entire clinic or unit in just one evening after normal patient hours.

Achieve room-level accuracy

Outperform expensive legacy hardware vendors with Apprentice Health's accurate RTLS software. With Apprentice Health, enterprise grade RTLS is now affordable and easy to deploy.
Platform Applications

Flexible architecture

Power our software modules using your existing hardware or any alternative hardware suppliers that meets our minimum performance requirements. Apprentice Health supplied gateways can also ingest multiple types of sensor data including voice, vision, temperature, and vitals. Ensure that your infrastructure can serve multiple future use cases and that your innovation isn't slowed by legacy hardware and vendor lock-in.
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