Problems Explained

Long patient wait times

Effective patient scheduling is a challenging task.

Google Possible Ways to Schedule Patients in a Given Day
Limited Administrative Bandwidth
Modifying Care Team Behavior is Difficult

Within a typical day, each clinic will see many patients.

These patients are split among multiple care teams composed of clinicians with their own schedule template.

Generating an optimal schedule template requires collection and analysis of multiple different data points.

Unfortunately, you only have limited and incomplete data on the duration of clinical interactions.

Schedule templates also need to be synchronized across all care teams to avoid bottlenecks caused by shared staff & resources.

However, no person has the data and computing power to help you, so your clinician's schedule templates are subject to your best guess.

You know your 'best guess' is performing sub-optimally, but you are unable to quantify it, and your team struggles to agree on how to reduce wait times.

What you need is 3 tools, and Apprentice Health has built them for ambulatory clinics like you.


We've built our own Real-Time Location System (RTLS) that is accurate and easy to deploy. This infrastructure can be used for other important sensor inputs overtime (e.g. voice, temperature). We can also easily digest location data from other vendors.

Simulation &
Deep Learning

We’ve built a simulation and deep learning layer that builds an accurate operation ‘digital twin,’ and continually learns and improves over time. We continuously identify operational improvement opportunities and ways to maintain these results.


Our software modules compliment your existing EHR solutions and workflows, and are accessible through a secure web application.

Sensor-enabled software has had real-world impact on reducing patient wait times, increasing patient access, and improving staff satisfaction.

Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS)
Case Study

Apprentice Health's platform also solves a variety of other key operational problems.

Staff Bottleneck Analysis
Space Utilization
Equipment Tracking
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