Apprentice Health & COVID-19

Use our location sensors and predictive software to minimize waiting room occupancy without eliminating essential in-person visits or procedural volume.

patient flow management

Real-time space management

Use our passively worn location sensors and software to see which clinical rooms are occupied, available, and in need of cleaning. Whether your patients are in the parking lot, waiting area, or in a room relevant to patient care, our workflow displays make visible the location and waiting time of each patient in real-time.

Apprentice Health RTLS
Patient Experience

Predicted wait times

Text predicted wait times and ready to room notifications to patients before they arrive to minimize waiting room occupancy. Automatically display predicted wait times in waiting areas using our real-time patient view displays.


Bottleneck detector

Quickly identify your staffing, room, and equipment bottlenecks on a daily basis. Simulate how adding additional clinicians impacts waiting room occupancy and wait times to balance patient safety, the experience of care, profitability, and the length of care team workdays.
Patient SCheduling

Optimal patient scheduling templates

Use our scheduling module to create patient scheduling templates that drastically reduce wait times and waiting room occupancy without prolonging the workday. Incorporate every important variable including no-shows, cancellations, clinician practice patterns, arrival times, shared resources, and the full distribution of team member interaction times. Our optimal scheduling templates support in-person and telehealth visits, and can be updated to reflect adjustments to a given staff's workday, preferences, visit volume, and more.
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