Unlock your optimal care team

Data-driven measurement that illuminates opportunity
areas within your operations.

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Monitor. Analyze. Optimize.

Clear Comparative Analysis

Data is presented in a clear, digestible manner. View number of patients, wait times, cycle times, costs, capacity, and more, all from a single dashboard.

Actionable Data

Analytics is more than figures and data. Gain actionable information on how to best optimize your operations.

Informed Decisions

Translate your knowledge of key trends into impactful decisions, and improve your process.

Bridge the gap between data
and decisions

Identify opportunities to fit additional clinicians into existing space

For any day in the future, simulate how room sharing and adding additional clinicians impacts patient volume, waiting room occupancy, wait times, room utilization, and clinician workdays.

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Catalyze process improvements

Facilitate bottoms-up decision making by leveraging data from ambient sensors and the electronic health record.

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Identify bottlenecks

For any day in the past, identify the bottlenecks that reduced capacity and increased waiting room occupancy, the length of workday, wait times, and cycle times.

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Augment patient and staff communication

Anticipate outlier clinical days to give your team advanced notice for better workday planning.

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Analytics Core

Optimize workflow and
clinical team design
View, measure, and analyze
your operations at the clinic and enterprise-level
Empower clinicians
to improve operational workflows
Access trends and
patient flow KPIs

Analytics Pro

Leverage the power of ambient sensors and data science
to increase profitability and reduce burnout
Augmented planning
and communication
Identify and resolve bottlenecks

Achieve the ideal workflow and care
culture with Apprentice Health Analytics