Transformative scheduling solutions that improve the entire care experience

Apprentice Health's advanced scheduling optimization helps you create high-performance workflows.

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Achieving a balanced, efficient workflow can feel impossible. The lost time hurts both the patient experience and revenue

Long Wait Times

Negative Customer Experience

Poor Use of Resources

Frustrated Team Members

Our templates and patient scheduling assistants leverage the power of sensors and data science to improve operations. We make sure patients spend their time getting the care they deserve—not waiting.

Work smarter, not faster

We know a doctor’s time can go a long way. Let’s
make it count. Our solution is accurate,
automated, fast, and precise.

Boost patient satisfaction score

Improve the health experience for everyone by
decreasing patient wait times by up to 70%—all while
maintaining your hospital’s commitment to quality care.

Take control of your clinic’s
long-term margin

Apprentice Health helps clinical staff make better use
of existing clinical space and unwanted idle time to
increase revenues by 5-20%.

Scheduling Core

Optimized Scheduling Templates

Personalized patient
scheduling template
for each provider.
Decreased wait times by 25-40%.
Templates are optimized in
harmony to reduce bottlenecks.

Scheduling Pro

Intelligent Patient Scheduling Assistant

Incorporate decision trees and
optimal patient-clinician matching.
Decreased wait times by up to 70%.
Choose optimal template slot for
each patient based on medical
history and demographics.

Apprentice Health: Providing
better care, together