Take the guesswork out of waiting

The Apprentice Health Workflow solution was designed with clinic performance, care teams, and patients in mind.

Revolutionize your internal coordination, clinic room allocation, and patient communication with our Workflow Core solution, and enhance efficiency even more with Workflow Pro mobile alerts.

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Synchronize your clinical team and patient activity

Studies show that the efficiency of clinic workflows is the #1 predictor of patient satisfaction, and has a large impact on perceived clinician quality. Our Workflow modules provide patients with real-time prompts and a personalized journey thanks to sensor-powered software.

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Erase the invisible waiting line

Our patient dashboard helps you better communicate with your patients and improve their overall experience. Increase transparency with estimated wait times and clear instructions on what to do next.

Smart room allocation

Improve clinic room allocation with our real-time care team views. Place patients in the right room, at the right time, to increase the number of rooms available for patient care.

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Data-driven workflow, in real time

Make decisions in seconds with clear data provided by AI technology and passively worn sensors.

Simple and intuitive

Apprentice Health optimizes the user experience at every touchpoint of the healthcare system. Our dashboards provide information in an instantly absorbable, intuitive format.

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Apprentice Health increases clinic revenue by 10-20% while reducing clinician burnout

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Increase visits by up to 20% per day by freeing exam space for an additional care team.

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Reduce staffing costs by 5-10% per visit with patient self-rooming and better care team design.

Maximize the time, minimize the wait

Improve your workflow with Apprentice Health