Effectively utilize exam room space and decrease waiting room occupancy

The Apprentice Health Workflow solution decreases waiting room occupancy and increases revenue without making clinicians busier.

Revolutionize workflow orchestration, clinic room allocation, and patient communication with our Workflow Core real-time views, and enhance efficiency even more with Workflow Pro SMS alerting.

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Eliminate the waiting room

Studies show that the efficiency of clinic workflows is the #1 predictor of patient satisfaction, and has a large impact on perceptions of clinician quality. When combined, our Workflow modules and Schedule modules drastically cut waiting room occupancy without decreasing patient volume.

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Predicted wait time displays

Display your patient's predicted wait time with real-time displays in waiting rooms. Predicted wait times are automatically displayed for each patient upon check-in, requiring no action on part of front desk staff.

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Fluidly share space in real-time

Apprentice Health's Real-Time Location System and Workflow Core display the location and status of each patient in real-time, allowing 10-20% additional care teams to treat patients on the same day.

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Enable self-rooming

Automatically send predicted wait times and ready-to-room texts to patients before they arrive to minimize waiting room occupancy and enable patient self-rooming.

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Room occupancy and cleaning status

See the occupancy and cleaning status of each clinical room to help patients move safely with minimal delay while keeping staff and space adequately utilized.

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Apprentice Health increases clinic revenue by 10-20% while reducing clinician burnout

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Increase visits by up to 20% per day by freeing exam space for additional care teams.

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Free up staff time with patient self-rooming.

Maximize the time, minimize the wait

Improve your workflow with Apprentice Health