Company Overview

Apprentice Health is a comprehensive operations platform that helps operations managers optimally allocate their most precious resources in ways that increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve the experience of care for both patients and care teams.

Today, we accomplish this by helping clinic operations managers and clinical staff optimize their patient scheduling, space utilization, and real-time patient flow.

Our Approach:

We use data from connected location sensors and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to power our predictions and suggestions. Connected sensors are the key to our approach, as the EHR alone contains insufficient operations data to solve some of the most important and intractable problems in healthcare operations, but with a modern software architecture and less expensive Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags.

Why is this important?

Hospitals and clinics in the US spend roughly 1.5 Trillion Dollars a year on these precious resources, so optimal allocation of clinical time, space, and equipment are the keys to deliveringhigh quality, low cost care. Over 140 Billion dollars of this annual spend is thought to be waste.

The wasted dollars we help recover can be used by health systems to lower costs, hire additional clinical support, and improve quality and patient outcomes. While all health systems have on-going efforts to improve operational efficiency and patient flow, these efforts should be super-charged by sensor based software platforms to improve your margin, the care experience, and patient outcomes.

What tasks can Apprentice Health optimize or automate?

Data-driven Patient Scheduling: We currently optimize patient scheduling templates in ways that maximize revenue, reduce patient wait times and the length of care team workdays, and account for physician preferences and constraints. We can optimize all types of ambulatory clinics, procedure suites, and operating rooms.

Space Utilization & Capacity Management: We ensure that all available clinical space (exam rooms and operating rooms) is productively used for patient care. We help clinic managers facilitate optimally sharing of precious space among a variety of different care teams.

Clinical Staffing: We proactively identify potential bottlenecks in patient flow and give clinic managers advice on how to best staff each workday in ways that maximize the experience for both patients and care team staff.

Real-Time Workflow: We provide care teams with operational nudges and real-time visibility into the location and activity of each patient, the time elapsed since they began those activities, and the care team involved in their care.  

Real-Time Communication: We provide patients and families with updates on wait times in real-time.

Equipment Utilization: We predict the equipment needs for each patient and clinic over course of the day. This reduces equipment costs by avoiding excessive rentals and purchases.  

Equipment Finding: Our real-time location solution allows care teams to quickly find items they need and spend more time on patient care.

Activity Based Costing: Our analytics solution can calculate the financial resources needed to treat each patient and make accurate predictions on costs for future patients.

What technologies do we use?


We've built our own Real-Time Location System (RTLS) that is accurate and easy to deploy. This infrastructure can be used for other important sensor inputs overtime (e.g. voice, temperature). We can also easily digest location data from other vendors.

Simulation &
Deep Learning

We’ve built a simulation and deep learning layer that builds an accurate operation ‘digital twin,’ and continually learns and improves over time. We continuously identify operational improvement opportunities and ways to maintain these results.


Our software modules compliment your existing EHR solutions and workflows, and are accessible through a secure web application.
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